We start the logitek.es blog after sharing with you our concerns from websites representing the different areas of the company. Concepts such as IoT, Big Data, M2M and Smart Cities have arisen often in our communications. What are we going to tell you from here?

About all of this and much more! New technologies, starting with cloud services, social networks or data analysis, followed by object connection to include intelligent, bring a true revolution to industrial processes, services and even daily activities. Focusing on the industry and industrial communications, what involves this new scenario?

This constant change has multiplied the number of connections, so any element connected bas become part of a more efficient and intelligent solution. Moreover, a relevant information amount is being generated. The collection and use of these data bring new business opportunities and a new digital value chain.

What are the consequences? Technology issues are just a part of the possible opportunities. This digital “new era” does also require changes in business models, new skills and a new innovative view.

Connectivity and intelligent industrial equipment must be the foundation upon which many companies can change their business model. Intelligent features, along with sensors and devices controlled by a monitoring network, enable profitable, optimally secure work conditions, as well as a reduces downtime risk on any process.

The collected data enables us to step up from an economy model based in product sales to another one based in service delivery. That’s the feeling and the new reality for Logitek as a company, but many others will be able to follow the same way. Hence, drilling machinery manufacturers will not sell their equipment anymore, but their capability to drill “holes”. As an automated building maintenance company, it will sell services focused on energy savings instead of equipment purchase.

These changes will be feasible thanks to the availability of sophisticated, intelligent and interconnected equipment. But let us not fool ourselves: the evolution from one model to another involves a great challenge. A completely different approach is necessary, and the consequences have an impact on all company structures.

From production to aftersales service, adapting to new business models requires an innovating way of thinking. The transformation of a product-centric organization into a service concept is a major step forward. It implies some changes and challenges: how should we define the offering, the way we quote and get paid, the way we support our customers during the whole service lifecyle? In fact, the product does not disappear around the company, but becomes one of the parts within a new paradigm

This new paradigm requires new skills and their success will depend on the capability to break down the elements of the process; from this point, we will start to envision and define how we can offer the best service.

In Logitek, we started this process long time ago, and this new corporate website is a further step to strengthen this path. Welcome to Logitek.es

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